Peace be Still by Susan Costello Sepulveda

Susan Costello Contact: Title: Peace be Still Art Specs: 9 X 12 | Sofr pastel Nature is very calming. You can get lost in the smell, texture and color that Mother Nature bestows to us though each season. I want to sell this art: Yes 120 Instagram//costello.sepulveda

The Buffalo by Gary Martinek

Gary Martinek Contact: Title: The Buffalo Art Specs: 14X20 | Watercolor This started as a freestyle painting and it became a landscape and then I decided to add a buffalo I want to sell this art: Yes 110.00

Depth of Faith by Candace Coyle

Candace Coyle Contact: Title: Depth of Faith Art Specs: 18×24 | Graphite Each panel is a living testament for my own beliefs and hopefully a depth of inspiration to others on their journey. I want to sell this art: No

Gooseberry Falls by Mary Anne Kinane

Mary Anne Kinane Contact: Title: Gooseberry Falls Art Specs: 16 x24 | Acrylic This is the side view of the falls…my daughter and grandchildren visited it last year. Since I can not visit with them this year I can keep the memory in my mind. I want to sell this art: Yes 525.00

Redd by Amber McDowell

Amber McDowell Contact: Title: Redd Art Specs: 8×10 | Acrylic “Redd” fox inspired by one of boyfriends favorite comedians “Redd Fox”. He’s a classic, just like a fox. Sly, sleek and beautiful! I want to sell this art: Yes 125.00

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