Custom Framing

Here at The Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing we offer many options when it comes to displaying art. Khanh Tran, Master Framer and Owner of the gallery, takes pride in a job well done and has pleased many customers for over 20 years.  He believes a frame’s purpose is to showcase the art.


When preserving art, whether it be precious memories or newly created masterpieces, framing is crucial. A few important components of framing are matte board, glass and framing hardware needs to be considered.  The options here at the Dow Art Gallery seem to be endless but our Master Framer, Khanh Tran, will help you fine tune the look (and price) you are going for.

The first thing to consider when custom framing is what type, color and size of matte board will be used for the piece of art.

Matte board is an essential tool when properly and professionally mounting photos or artwork before they are framed. 

Mounting keeps the piece from warping while also adding to the aesthetics.  

The adhesive used to mount art to matte board is also a very critical component that needs to be understood to prevent curling and color distortion.

Once the piece is mounted to the matte board, the final size is determined and glass/acrylic choices can be discussed.

Custom framing opens the doors to many options and allows the customer to add value to something that is already valuable to them. The viewing options we have available here are Glass or Acrylic. Both glass and acrylic are very similar yet different at the same time. 

Acrylic weighs less and is much stronger than glass but is not as scratch resistant and does not provide the viewer with as clear of a view as glass does. The clarity and value of glass when side-by-side with acrylic will speak for itself.  

There are several glass choices available: Conservation Clear (protects art from fading); Museum Glass (amazing clarity); Conservation Reflection Control (reduces glare)

There are a couple acrylic choices available: Regular Acrylic or Optium Museum Acrylic

When deciding between glass and acrylic, pricing purpose and value should be considered.


Now that the size of the piece, along with viewing clarity has been decided, the custom framing can be finalized with the many frame options we have available.

When it comes to the framework around an image, lots of factors need to be considered. Khanh Tran, master framer, is well versed in selecting quality hardware and makes the process incredibly simple.

When framing a piece of artwork,  quality of the wood is very important. It is important that the wood will not warp, peel or chip over time.


Maybe, framing is not what you are looking for. We also offer other creative ideas like gallery wrap, shadow boxes, etc.  The master framer is on site during business hours to discuss the many options we provide.  Khanh Tran believes there is no piece that he cannot handle.  Bring in your artwork or photo to figure out which display option works best for you.   

Prices vary with each component of the final product.  Come to the Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing to discuss pricing.  With over 20 years of master framing experience, Khanh is confident to satisfy each customer within their budget.

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