Be Still and Listen by Candace Coyle

Candace Coyle Contact: Title: Be Still and Listen Art Specs: 9×12″ | Pen Sitting at the park, solo, social distanced from anyone and everyone, taking in the stillness and knowing that with the beauty surrounding me, it will all be ok. I want to sell this art: No About Time Studios

Blooming under the moon by Nafeesa Kulsum

Nafeesa Kulsum from Nafeesa Kulsum Contact: Title: Blooming under the moon Art Specs: 6″X5″ | Acrylic This painting was inspired by my love for the clouds and moon. I am always so mesmerized by clouds and view of the moon gives me peace and hope to shine. I want to sell this art: Yes

Be Alert by Coreen Johnson

Coreen Johnson Contact: Title: Be Alert Art Specs: 40×30 | Oil on canvas My work consists mostly of landscapes (both urban and rural) in oil on canvas or board. I want to sell this art: Yes $3950; @coreenjohnsonart; #coreentheartist

Seeds of Need by Vakare Bartkaitis

Vakare Bartkaitis Contact: Title: Seeds of Need Art Specs: 17” x 11.5” | Charcoal ‘Seeds of Needs’ represents the struggle of obtaining the basics in life, for some that may be healthcare or education. It is especially hard to provide that care during this pandemic. If only we could all acquire these necessities. I … Read more

Hiding behind the clouds by Nafeesa Kulsum

Nafeesa Kulsum Contact: Title: Hiding behind the clouds Art Specs: 4″x6″ | Acrylic Iam always mesmerized by nature , especially the clouds. I try to put on canvas what I see from my imagination and this painting is also from my very own imagination. I want to sell this art: Yes 4500 Instagram I’d: … Read more

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