Dow Art Gallery: Mission Statement

The Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing supports Minnesota artists by providing exposure to the general public through the showrooms, digital media, and events. Our mission is to see that all our artists are provided with a living wage.

Mission statements are difficult to invent, especially among people with different backgrounds, ages, and methods. But we – the creative team of the Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing- share the same goals. We represent our business partners – the artists. We need to develop a business model that works for the gallery and the artists in this social period, now. The old models for galleries function well for very few.

We represent many painters, photographers, and sculptors. They each possess talent and skills unique to themselves. They are working artists with a body of creations and we think they deserve a living wage.

We bring to them a space and staff to help display their work to the public. We provide live events, openings, and receptions for groups and individual artists. We have a dynamic digital team who spreads the word into the stratosphere. Our gallery is the largest in St Paul, with over 3600 square feet of display space in 3 distinct rooms.

Each month we feature one of our artists in a show, with invitations, advertising and food and beverages for an opening reception, along with promotion through traditional media and digital channels.

The active campaign for collectors never stops. In searching for sponsors, Khanh’s phrase, “The art chooses you,” is an apt description. We are working to get corporate sponsors, private rentals for the space, and monthly stipends per artist for gallery and marketing fees.

Our mission is to see that all our artists are provided with a living wage. This shocking statement is the foundation dream of the Dow Art Gallery. By giving back to the artists, the time will come when the art itself supports us all. Until then, the Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing continues to provide exposure to these exciting works of art through the showrooms, digital media and popular events.

Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing

Twin Cities Artists and Customer Art Framing Custom Picture and Art Framing and Larger Gallery of Local Artists in the Twin Cities.
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