8 Ball Break metallic print



Master framer Khanh Tran creates a new art form by melding two passions; Art and the game of pool.

It is an artistic happening; a big experiment in the fun game of pool melded with colorful art. 8 artists, recovering from New Year’s Eve, met at the Dow Art Gallery in MN to help create a new and unique art form. Curious and eager, artist Khanh Tran ripped apart a pool table and stapled the big canvas down. Then, he dipped 15 pool balls in matching colored paint. He racked them up and – bang! – broke the triangle of balls, sending them moving like crazy, splashing liquid energy all over the surface.

Something big is involving in the Art world. Queue Ball; cue beauty. No bananas are taped to the wall. True art is unique and each canvas, each pool ball is one of a kind. This form of mixing pool and color has never been done before. Euphoria hit the creator and the volunteers.

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8 Ball Break metallic print

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