Umbreen Hasan

After a traumatic motor vehicle accident shook Umbreen’s world to the very core, the healing physician found herself magnetically pulled to the paint section of her local craft store. It was sheer serendipity … and the catalyst for the unveiling of Umbreen’s dormant artistic talent and creativity. Brushes and supplies tucked under her arm, heart fluttering excitedly in her chest, she arrived home and began to paint. With every brush stroke, she felt infinitely more connected and purposeful. Hours later, she stood back and examined her work. Nobody could believe it was her first piece. Umbreen had found her second calling.

Before long, Umbreen was approached by a local magazine to be featured as their artist of the month. Local and international art galleries requested to exhibit her art and she quickly developed a reputation as a vibrant artist unafraid of experimenting with hybrid mixed media elements that infused light into her art and transformed spaces into joyful sanctuaries.

Today, Umbreen has mastered a signature artistic style that allows her to manipulate pigment across canvases and boards with her own hands, hardware tools and heat guns. This approach incites the art to take on unpredictable, organic and richly-layered shapes and textures. The result is creative large-scale original art bursting with colors and personality.

Constantly experimenting and evolving, Umbreen is passionate about the importance of art as therapy. Her art explores the connection between emotions, color, healing and nature, allowing the viewer to go on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Umbreen collaborates with interior designers, art consultants and buyers in the hospitality and corporate spaces searching to commission original, luxury art.

Her studio is her sanctuary, and it is this spirit that she imbues into every single piece she creates.

When she’s not engrossed in her next creation, you’ll find Umbreen practicing as a physician, losing – and finding - herself in nature or sipping a good cup of tea.

Art by Umbreen Hasan is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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