Linda Snouffer

  Linda Snouffer uses nature for both inspiration and source of materials in her botanical printmaking, creating intricately detailed landscapes of prairies, shorelines, forests, and mountain ranges utilizing the actual plants for the print structure.     All plant images in Snouffer’s work are “plant prints”.    Using brushes, ink is applied to grasses and leaves; the inked plants are hand pressed onto pigment infused surfaces such as Sumi paper, tissue, muslin, or organza.  The plant material is removed and the remaining ink impressions are the composition image.    Through these low tech means, multifaceted landscape compositions of common plants have been created. Most pieces have well over one hundred individual plant prints.   The background media varies from diaphanous fabrics such as organza, sheer cottons, gauze, or silk to cotton muslins or raw canvas.  Papers are also used, ranging from toothy printing stock, to finer mulberry paper and delicate tissues.  Botanical Print landscapes include prairies, beach grass, forest scenes, shorelines, and mountains—all using ink prints.  Trees are represented with prints of yarrow or fern tips; mountains are banana leaves printed, cut, and mounded upon one another; prairies, of course, are made using grasses. Many prairie images include prints of grasses ranging from a few inches to five feet.  With dozens of native and cultivar species, and sizes ranging from a few inches to many feet tall, grass stalks, leaves, and seed tassels are remarkably varied and are conducive to printing and have tremendous versatility to create scenes of grasses flowing in a meadow, represent other plants such as trees on a shoreline or reeds in a pond. Inviting conversations about prairie ecology, preservation & reclamation, and advocating for conservation has become intentional for Snouffer.  Her botanical prints have become the door that opens conversation of “art meets science — and science meets art.”  She says: ”Prairies have a rich history; they beckon me to recreate them and share their stories in my printmaking.  I admire the structure of prairie plants, which, when healthy, have root systems three times the length of the stalk height to draw flood waters into aquifers and to draw water to the plant, persevering through drought.”  Snouffer’s work has been recognized with numerous awards and honors; a jurist observed that he had never seen work quite like Snouffer’s botanical prints, remarking that she had developed unique printmaking techniques unlike any he had seen in his 35+ year career.  In addition, Snouffer work has been commissioned for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, Ramsey County (Shoreveiw) Library, and several Metro Area art collectors.  In addition to creating art, she is in the business of art, serving in the program planning and administration for the St. Paul Art Crawl, on exhibit and grant application jury panels, and installing exhibits in several Twin Cities galleries. She completed a two-year mentor program with the Woman’s Art Resources of Minnesota and has trained individually with many Metro area professional artists.

Art by Linda Snouffer is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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