Khanh Tran

I've been serving the arts professionally since 1998. I have been fortunate enough for art to come to me. I get to see it, represent it, frame it and sell it. I also get to establish great relationships/friendships with many very talented artists of all likes and styles. These artists talk to me about their various techniques and inspiration.  Subconsciously, I absorbed it all in like they were my mentors.  I would have not been able to create this piece without their inspirational conversations. I also love to play pool. I play a lot of pool. I've been playing pool since the 90's. Pool is an art within the game itself. You need to be mentally and physically able to execute the game like it was meant to be played. Each stroke in this game is as important as each stroke in creating a piece of art. Because of the love for pool and art, by paying my dues in pool and art, I was blessed with the idea of combining my 2 passion to create this piece of art. The idea of capturing the 8 ball break in color form and to put it on canvas. The combustion, the  geometric lines and patterns captured by the beauty of their own colors. The end result was very satisfying! It was euphoric! After creating this piece.  I realized creating art is very expensive!  I also realized the last piece I created was in high school. I couldn't afford to buy my own art supplies like paint, canvases and everything else related.  We were immigrants.. we were poor... but we were very happy to live in this wonderful country. When we first came to the states,  My parents worked for minimum wage due to language barriers.  They worked multiple jobs to raise me and my 3 siblings.  I wasn't going to be asking my parents to by me art supplies. (But through hard work and determination my parents became very successful today and this is the reason why I have my art gallery and frame shop.  They have always believed in me and supported me through all my early years of business.) Because of these obstacles I abandoned my creative side until now, but I surrounded myself around art. Instead of creating, I have framed a lot of art, I represent art and I sell Art. I opened one of the largest art gallery in St. Paul from scratch.  Art is my life! This creation; it opened my eyes to all the people who were put on this earth to create but had to abandon their talent because of obstacles like mine. This is why I'm on a mission to open an Art Center where I can welcome all artists from all likes and backgrounds no matter your wealth, age, or anything else for all that matters. It needs to be a place where it is accessible through public transportation so a middle school child or anyone who were born to create, can access this art center without obstacles.  I'd even pay for their bus fare. As of now, artists who are fortunate enough to create either have the funds to, have a very loving and supportive significant other. Or chose to live poorly just so they can create art to breathe or keep sane. Imagine how many untapped talent we would expose if they had a place that will allow for them to create without obstacles. This art center would have all the art supplies available for artists to use. I envision a multiple level complex for art lovers, creators, mentors. A community center for arts and patrons.

Art by Khanh Tran is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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