Judith Visker

To create an “original object” that has not existed before that contains an aesthetic derived from my subconscious thoughts and memory is the objective for my art. Imagery of structures and patterns reveal themselves as the art materials lead and I follow.” – Judith Visker Judith Visker is passionate about art. From art history classes to teaching adult classes to dedicated studio time, she commits to her creative process of originality. Influenced by the work of her cousin Robert Rauschenberg she works expressively and fearlessly to create a uniqueness to her style that can be recognized as a Visker piece. VIsker’s early work contained recognizable imagery but she is leaning more toward non-objectivity. As she approaches the canvas she tones it first with a warm layer of paint. Called by many “A Colorist,” she intuitively dips her acrylics from her palette, sprays on glazes, wipes out shapes, and if so moved adds mixed media papers. Final touches may include thinker paint applied with a palette knife as well as linear shapes. Returning to college after a career in nursing, Visker obtained her BFA and MA in studio art. She attends one major workshop yearly by Katherine Chang Liu. She prefers Katherine’s “art whisperer” technique with no demonstrations. This excellent instructor views Visker’s past year’s work and offers guidance into identifying more of her authentic voice.

Judith Viskers‘s Gangster Series

This series of artwork called “The Gangster Series” represents past times in the St Paul, MN history. The technique I incorporate in this series of work consists of inventing and printing special papers in colors and designs I feel give the work a uniqueness and excitement to depict the extreme events that occurred in the gangster days. The papers are printed one at a time in a mono-printing process using a gelli plate. After the imagery I have selected is drawn or painted onto the canvas or paper I select the surrounding papers to enhance the figure, road, building, trees, or sky, etc. Newspaper print copies from the pioneer press were added and in themselves are interesting to read. The idea for this series was given to me by the Gallery owner and it really was an exciting venture for me as I had to delve into history which I found to be very rich, somewhat horrible, but also inspiring to paint in this somewhat comical, maybe a bit inaccurate, semi-realistic format. Raised on a farm in SW Minnesota I was unaware of the things happening in our state’s capitol. I hope you enjoy this artist’s interpretation of an era of St Paul history. Respectfully, Judith Visker, BFA, MA

Art by Judith Visker is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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