Joe Reinke

Hi, I’m Joe Reinke, a representational landscape artist. I was born an artist with a creative passion to paint enticing and inviting landscapes.   Joe loves to bring the landscape beauty of creation to canvas. He seeks a better understanding to create visually serene art, studying the mysteries of visual knowledge from creation. Joe enjoys the challenge of exploring and mastering the skills of drawing, color, value, edges, and composition. He travels locally and nationally to search for interesting landscape views to paint and push his composition, skills, and craftsmanship levels.   Joe started his life with pencil in hand. His passion for art, and to paint started at an early age. During his life, he spent alot of time hiking, fishing, camping, and just enjoying the great outdoors, always with an eye to study the various aspects of how to depict such things on canvas. He decided to get serious about painting a few years ago, pursuing his life goal. He started art class offered by local educational institutions and nationally notable landscape artists.    Joe focuses on en plein-air oil painting, and studio paintings in both oil and acrylic. He has traveled the country and utilizes experience to draw on material for his landscape work. Joe just loves how God created such a vast and wide variety of landscapes. He loves to capture such beautiful compositions on canvas.

Art by Joe Reinke is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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