Isaiah Flemister

Isaiah Flemister does art because it inspires him. He has fun expressing himself; he is free. Art frees him from stigmas - and he likes to have shock value. He says he might do anything without worrying that it is okay socially. To Isaiah, doing art feels on track: when he gets inspired, he must do the piece then and there. He starts and finishes a work in one session. Isaiah is social. But socially, he feels that he fits into no group. Being interracial, he is a group of his own. He used to be concerned with conspiracies. He used to "do race," he says. He admits to depression issues. But life won't go on forever, he knows. He wants to build a purpose: he wants to help other people, and do what he can to help. He wants to think deeply. Isaiah Flemister is a tall, gracious young man with an artistic style reminiscent of Banksy, but with glitter, nature, and jazz involved. His work hangs at Dow Art Gallery and Picture Framing on University Avenue. He is a welcome member of the creative team who uses social media to spread the word about the gallery and its events. Always willing to donate his time and energy to the gallery, Isaiah was a core member of the Juice Season Fashion Show. He modeled the new styles with an easy sense of class and professionalism. Come in and see his newest works.

Art by Isaiah Flemister is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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