Hugo Mercado

In the desperate reclaiming of my PAST and FUTURE, I searched perserveringly for inspiration in many fruitless places. Along my way, I found it by chance, when i went into the forests. They met me with their sinuous, hidden forms- their essence was an exquisiteness that i tried to capture in all of its magnitude. Color was the best ally to help me to represent my wild movement, the sensuality, the ecstacy of feminine forms that were camouflaged, hidden in the vegetation, in order to transport them to the stage of human drama. I focused on the representation and fusion of the magic of movement, the strength  and devastating transformation of the fire, the tenacious energy of the wind. I tried to interpret these indomitable natural forces, to use their essence to recreate the tie between man and nature, thereby providing a hint of the internal struggle for the search for inner happiness. In the process there appeared entities that brought passion, and envisioned the recreation of the world as a stage for their own games. i portrayed the void, and the emptiness as well. I painted the plea that mother earth makes sorrow of what is lost  and the devaluation of it before the all consuming hunger of man. In my work, I try to show this chaos, to give it it's own spirit,its own life, to reveal the stormy reality that it brings about. For this, I am stuck in the PRESENT, in order to record part of it.

Art by Hugo Mercado is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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