Duane Elofson

Exploring different art techniques and mediums is a life long passion for Duane Elofson.  He began in his early childhood as he experimented with a process of layering spackle mixed with different pigments to create dimensional paintings. Many of his early works reflect his experiences with his young family.  Over the years, Duane’s passion for the arts has only intensified with age, developing into a full- time commitment during retirement. One can see the influence of many impressionistic artists world- wide in Duane’s pieces. He has perfected the technique of seeing an image, memorizing how it looks to him in his head, and then using his appreciation for art and composition to create something bright, beautiful, and original. Duane’s collection is a Homage to capturing the raw, untouched beauty and emotion found in nature, and birch trees. As a passionate artist, he has found a deep appreciation for the texture and color of birch trees and surrounding landscapes. Each painting captures the richness of color and texture that gives way to  an incredible representation of the natural world.

Art by Duane Elofson is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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