Don Dickinson

 These pieces are an exploration of urban landscapes and the energy they create. I’m interested in how that energy is visualized. Cities can be chaotic experiences and the challenge is to produce an equivalent feeling. Fracturing the subject matter creates the visual energy and also adds the necessary chaos. One of the problems of functioning in urban an environment is how to organize the chaos. One of the ways to do that in the real world is to use grids, either on street maps or even in the actual organization of streets in the initial urban plan.  I use grids in these paintings as a nod in that direction. Artistically the grid provides an organizing static visual to contrast with the underlying asymmetrical chaos of the fractured subject matter. I have also tried to stay away from static “pretty” compositions in favor of more diagonals and oblique collaging, going more in the direction of a raw “street photography” approach, such as in the work of Gary Winogrand.

Art by Don Dickinson is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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