Ashley Dull

Painting has brought me a sense of peace that I can find no where else. Somewhere between my head and my hand, the feeling of a connection to the earth and the images in my paintings come alive. I have a love for nature and all that it represents – calm, peace, love, joy, beauty, change, and new life. I hope to channel these feelings into all who view my work. We live in such a busy world where few places of simplicity and serenity seem to exist. Often we forget to slow down, step back, and enjoy the simple pleasures we are surrounded by each day. I want to be able to give people inspiration and a sense of reassurance that as we are all rooted in nature, and part of a bigger thing, faith will follow through in the end. As I slow my own life down to paint and let my passion help others come forth, I am always drawn back to the connection we, as humans, have to nature and the power it holds. As you will notice in many of my pieces, trees fascinate me and have become a huge part of how I paint and how I feel when I paint. The strength of a tree is amazingly similar to the strength of the human spirit and the constancy of God. Trees are always changing through the seasons and through cycles of life-they must adapt, heal, grow, sing, and dance. Yet, each day, they remain a sky-reaching pillar of strength. This peace, vigor, and new hope is what I wish to give to audiences. If I can help someone feel a connection to the world around us and a sense of purpose in this life, then I know I have done right by my talent.

Art by Ashley Dull is available for purchase at the Dow Art Gallery, Saint Paul's Largest Private Art Gallery.

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